Construction delay claims

Shady image of a manager discussing business matters with her subordinates
Shady image of a manager discussing business matters with her subordinates

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction delay claims are one of the most common types of disputes that occur in the construction industry. However, these types of cases are often complex and misunderstood.

Delays in a project are often unanticipated and tend to extend the project work beyond the planned date of completion. Construction delays are due to mismanagement of the project, site restrictions, unanticipated or differing site conditions, delays in permits and approvals, financial setbacks, defective plans and specifications, changes in labor and productivity etc.

If a delay claim occurs, lawyers will try to gather information on the delay’s effect on the project’s critical path, if it is quantifiable and the main reason for the delay. It is also important to carefully read through the contract to find out the points of agreement and who accepted particular risks, which include excusable delays.

 To make sense of construction claims, it is best to hire a construction expert witness, who will have the knowledge and practical understanding to analyze the contract and situation. Consultants will need to analyze claims, be present during the mediation, and testify in litigation and arbitration proceedings. It is best to hire a consultant who specializes in CPM schedule analysis and one who follows industry-recognized methodologies. Your consultant will have to tailor your schedule analysis according to the needs and constraints of the project.

When looking for a consultant, ensure you visit a reputed law firm, experienced in handling construction claims.


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